Being the goings-on of a small colony in the New World depicted in 40mm.

Sunday 5 March 2017


The new Tradgardlanders and locals have become friends and allies.
The locals have embraced the firelocks given to them and have shown themselves to be no mean shots.Some Trradgardlanders still prefer the matchlocks.

Wednesday 11 January 2017

Skill at arms

The colonists need to become proficient divers arts of Mars . Some favour more armour others less.Both carry a target made of wood and faced with steel. Constant practice with swords is essential to life in New Tradgardstadt as danger lies within and without...
                                                                                          Figures are by Elastolin and Irregular Miniatures. Targets made from paper.

Monday 9 January 2017

The Governor

The Governor of New Tradgardstadt was not too popular with his fellow colonists. A rather conceited and pompous fellow who expected rather too much bowing and scraping from all concerned.However the whole colony was horrified ( or at least feigned it) at his recent murder- he was found with a knife in his back lying on his bed.
The colony has therefore been without governance for some time now but awaits the arrival of his replacement by ship within the month...

Sunday 8 January 2017


A warm welcome awaits you to the New World ,in the17th Century,in the colony of New Tradgardstadt.
Where the dense forest seems to never end.
Where danger lies around every corner...
and it is hard to tell  friend from foe.